Who should apply?

Anyone with a budding interest in statistics should apply! You do not need to be a statistics major. Those without previous research experience and those from underrepresented backgrounds are especially encouraged to participate.

How to apply?

Information about projects and applications for Autumn 2022 will be posted in early September.

What are the admissions criteria?

Unfortunately, we typically have more undergraduate applicants than available mentors so we are not able to accept all applicants. We are not necessarily looking for students with perfect grades or extensive statistical experience. Each quarter, we select a group of students with varying levels of statistical experience and at varying points in their academic careers to match the mix of levels of the project proposals for that quarter. The most important part of your application is the free response section, where we will look for demonstrated passion for statistics and clear articulation of how you will benefit from the DRP program. The admissions committee is made up of the graduate student coordinators.

Some preference is given to upperclass students without previous research experience and to students who have applied to the DRP several quarters in a row.

What should I expect?

As an undergraduate, you should expect to commit around 4 hours per week to independent reading related to your project. You are required to meet with your graduate mentor once a week for an hour, and at the end of the quarter you will complete a writeup of your project and you will give a 10 minute presentation to the other participants. You may register for 1 credit of Stat 499 for this work.